Cat with painful eyelid condition feeling better after surgery

Cat with entropion, an eyelid condition in which the lashes roll underneath and press against the eye, is feeling better after surgery.
By David Dickson

Ever had an eyelash fall into your eye? It’s awful. Most people will drop everything and rush to the closest mirror, declaring war on the invading eyelash until it’s been conquered and destroyed once and for all. For Baxter the cat, things were a little more complicated.

Cat with eyelid condition called entropion

Baxter had a condition called entropion, which means that the flesh of his eyelid had grown thick enough that the lashes actually rolled underneath and pressed against the eye. Constantly. Youch! That led to lots of squinting and no doubt plenty of frustrating moments. Imagine having sand trapped beneath a contact lens 24/7. Cats with entropion can go blind if they aren’t treated.

Surgery for kitty

So he had eye surgery, or basically an eye tuck. What a difference! Now he’s looking like a million bucks. Well, maybe the stitches around the face are a little Frankenstein-esque, but that suits Baxter just fine. You see, he’s rather a big fan of playing rough now and again with his cat friends. He thinks the stitches look cool and hopes they might lend him a bit of a bad-boy street cred once he returns to his pals. (Don’t spoil it by telling him the stitches will go away soon enough.)

A cat who likes walks

But now Baxter can see better, he feels better, and he might have just picked up a new hobby. During recovery, the cat staff decided to try a harness on Baxter for the first time to see if a walk could cheer him up. He did great! So don’t be afraid the next time you have to see the doctor. You just might come out with a new pastime.

Photos by Molly Wald



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