Cat quarantine buddy

Svetlana the cat is crushing her job as a feline office mate, disinfection protocol supervisor, and social distancing coach
By Molly Wald

Working from home got you down? Perhaps you need a friend to keep you company during these long, lonely days? Folks, meet Svetlana, the purrfect quarantine buddy.

This svelte little tiger is currently at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and she has real-world workplace experience, since she presides over the office of Cat World manager Amy Kohlbecker. If you’re sharing a work space with your own cat (or a kitty you’re fostering) and he hasn’t yet picked up the necessary skills, consider Svetlana a helpful distance-learning coach. She’ll show us all how it’s done.

Svetlana the cat's paws on a computer keyboard
She can type over 100 words per minute! (Just not real words.)

Svetlana the cat looking over a laptop computer at Cat World manager Amy Kohlbecker
Svetlana can proofread your work.

Svetlana the cat yawning while sitting on the desk next to Cat World manager Amy Kohlbecker
She can offer an honest critique of your latest project. (“You know, this is super boring. You’re boring.”)

And talk about a paper-pusher: She’s an expert at it.

Although she sometimes eats the paper.

Svetlana the cat looking out from behind a bunch of spray bottles
If you need a little help disinfecting everything, Svetlana’s your gal.

Multiple spray bottles with the hind end of Svetlana the cat
“Just kidding. The cleaning part is your problem.”

Pets and COVID-19: What you need to know

Svetlana the cat peering out from behind an opened file cabinet drawer
She’s an expert at social distancing. She’ll keep you company, but won’t get TOO close.

And if you’re feeling under the weather, she can share a cup of tea with you.

Or give you a relaxing massage.

Most important of all, Svetlana is here to remind you that it’s OK to laugh, even in these troubled times, and to cherish the companionship that pets can provide.

If you can care for a homeless pet short-term (perhaps because you are now working from home), fostering a pet is a great way to support your community and help save lives. A little fun four-legged company can also be a welcome distraction! Find a shelter in your area.

Photos by Molly Wald and Amy Kohlbecker

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