Celebrating Freekibble style

In honor of Best Friends 30th anniversary, Freekibble.com delivers.
By  Denise LeBeau

As Best Friends Animal Society celebrates 30 years of helping homeless pets, Freekibble.com is adding a windfall of blessings: 30,000 meals for dogs and 35,000 meals for cats. Through Freekibble’s partner, Halo Purely for Pets, dogs and cats at the Sanctuary will be enjoying the donated food for many months to come. The relationship between Best Friends and Freekibble began naturally, just like the food they share, and continues to thrive as both organizations look toward a future that includes happier and healthier animals.

Sparking a movement

Young Mimi with a stack of foodIn 2007, Mimi Ausland, then 10 years old, spent a week at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. She volunteered with her family and fell in love with Best Friends. Mimi was no stranger to volunteerism, having been a longtime volunteer at her local shelter, the Humane Society of Central Oregon. But she felt a connection with the animals at the Sanctuary – from the dogs and cats to the horses and bunnies – and went home inspired.

Soon after leaving the Sanctuary, Mimi found a way she could make a far-reaching difference in the lives of homeless pets. Mimi and her family liked playing an online game at Freerice.com, which gave food to people who couldn’t afford it. She connected the dots and created Freekibble.com, which has a daily animal-themed trivia question. It’s the daily community engagement that generates the donations of Halo pet food to shelters and rescue groups.

Remarkable results

“The vision and mission of Best Friends and Freekibble are intertwined,” says Mimi’s dad, Kelly. “Supporting Best Friends through our Halo pet food donations is extremely important to Mimi. Both organizations celebrate the human/pet relationship, are dedicated to helping pets in need, and work toward a day when there are no more homeless pets.”

Since its inception, Freekibble has donated over 12 million meals to animal welfare organizations from coast to coast. As soon as Freekibble raised enough food to donate beyond their local shelter, they sent 10,000 pounds of Halo food to Best Friends. “Mimi knew right off the bat that Best Friends was a magical place, and she was further inspired to help save lives because of the Sanctuary, and wanted to make sure the animals there would benefit from Freekibble,” says Kelly.

The ongoing support has resulted in over two hundred thousand dollars' worth of food being donated to dogs and cats at the Sanctuary.

"Freekibble and Best Friends have enjoyed an amazing partnership over the years,” says Lisa Girardot, development manager at Best Friends. “We appreciate Freekibble for helping Best Friends and other rescue groups across the country feed quality food to our animals. Working together is helping many organizations fulfill their missions."

Sharing success

The goals of Freekibble and Best Friends hinge on a common lynchpin – an engaged community. As Best Friends is celebrating our 30th anniversary and Freekibble just celebrated their sixth anniversary, both organizations rely on the public to get involved and help make a difference. “We have to thank our amazing community of supporters who make it possible for us to feed the millions of hungry pets waiting to go home,” says Kelly.

Looking toward the future, Mimi, who recently turned 18, is excited about starting Freekibble Cares, which will expand Freekibble’s impact by helping animals in need around the world – such as street dogs in Thailand and orphaned elephants in Zambia. Meanwhile, she continues to support the homeless pets at Best Friends, as well as animals at her local shelter and throughout the U.S., via the partnership with Halo and the caring individuals who help deliver every meal along the way.

Get involved

For ways you can help Best Friends celebrate 30 lifesaving years, click here.

Click here to play Freekibble trivia and help feed more homeless pets.

Photos courtesy of Freekibble.com