Celebrating the season with holiday pet photos

See cute Christmas holiday photos of dogs, cats, horses, a parrot and bunny at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

Santa Claus is coming to town and it’s no surprise that all the Sanctuary have been good this year. So that means that their seasonal fun will be even more jolly! You can share in their joy by checking out images that reveal some of the many ways that Sanctuary residents celebrate the holidays.

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Kitten in wrapping paper with a bow
What do you mean this isn’t a toy?


Dog eating a Christmas cookie
Christmas cookies taste like magic.


Kitten on wrapping paper
I’m here to “help” you with your wrapping.


Rabbit eating pine needles
The best part of Christmas is post-holiday, when I get to munch on the tree.


Smiling pit bull terrier wearing reindeer antlers
OMG! Are you Santa?


Black cat in silver and gold garland
Silver and gold, silver and gold, mean so much more when I see, silver and gold decorations, on ev'ry Christmas tree.


Small dog wearing an oversized Santa hat
Elf on the shelf has got nothing on me.


Parrot wearing an elf hat
The holidays are even merrier when you’re already red and green.


Gray tabby kitten with paw on wrapped gift
‘Dis one’s for me, right?


Dog wearing an elf hat while yawning
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the wayyyy ...


Siamese cat sniffing some holly
Umm, this doesn't taste like cat food.


Pit bull terrier wearing an elf hat
Dogs may be man’s best friends, but I’m Santa’s best friend.


Three horses with a Merry Christmas box
We’re the three wise horses.


Smiling pit bull terrier puppy with holiday background
I’ve been a very good pup. Will Santa bring me presents, too?

Photos by Best Friends staff