Celebration at Celebration Station

celebration at celebration station
By Best Friends Animal Society

It was party time Thursday night at Celebration Station.

On their last night in a five-day volunteer stint for Tasha Corrigan and Fiona Archer of Toronto, Canada, they decided to say goodbye by throwing a party for their fellow volunteers.

"It had to be done," Fiona said. "It was good to see people take time to visit."

Fiona and Tasha brought cheese, crackers, dip and grapes to celebrate their time helping the animals. Diane Smith from Texas brought a bouquet of flowers for the mess table. Then a handful of people played a form of "Fear Factor" to see who could eat the most fruit and vegetables.

"We did it to say thank you to the volunteers and to keep people going," Tasha said. "It was nice to talk to people you see but don’t necessarily speak with on a day-to-day basis because everyone’s so busy."

But one of the highlights for everyone was watching Red, a red-nose pit bull who has no use of his back legs, scoot around on the floor and play with people. It was the first time since getting out of the hospital he was allowed out of his playpen.

Whitney Jones, who oversees the dog intake area, said watching Red was the best thing. "He looked so lonely in the corner [in his play pen]," she said, "so I let him out to see what he would do. He started playing with the volunteers."

Article by Cathy Scott. Photo by Barb Davis.

P.S. Red needs a good home with someone who can help rehabilitate him. He's going to be fitted with a wheelchair. He gets along well with other dogs (we don't know about cats yet) and loves every person he meets.