Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken with a kitten
Christopher Walken supports Best Friends Animal Society.
By Best Friends Animal Society

One of the most noteworthy and versatile actors, Christopher Walken supports Best Friends Animal Society's efforts to Save Them All.

Walken earned worldwide acclaim and the Academy Award for his role in the searing Vietnam war drama The Deer Hunter. Through his career on screen, stage and television, Walken has shown a breathtaking range of skills portraying everything from violent villains to quirky characters in comedies. He can be seen starring in the family comedy Nine Lives. Walken plays a mysterious shopkeeper with a fondness for felines and a few tricks up his sleeve. The film is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and also stars Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner. It's actually a role he's somewhat familiar with. At home he and his wife share their life with a shy, stray cat who showed up on their doorstep pregnant. After finding homes for her kittens, "Girl" is now a member of the Walken household.

But not every stray cat is as lucky as "Girl." Many cats who enter shelters, most of whom are community cats (stray and free-roaming), never make it out alive. Walken supports Best Friends' efforts to increase adoption and save rates for cats.

Best Friends has brought increased awareness to how people can get involved by adopting, spaying/neutering their pets, donating, volunteering and sharing this message with their friends.