Cutie-pants pug alert

Salvador Dogi was adopted lickety-split after he arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, but not before we got photos of his over-the-top cuteness
By Sarah Thornton

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He doesn’t paint melting clocks, but Salvador Dogi is a master artist when it comes to melting hearts. With his big brown eyes, short little legs, curly tail and lovable personality, he was an instant hit when he landed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. He was adopted in no time, but he made the most out of his stay here, charming everyone he met.

Smiling woman holding Salvador Dogi the pug in the lobby of Dog Headquarters

At first, Salvador Dogi was a little overwhelmed by all the attention. New people made him shy, but the extra socialization helped this one come out of his shell.

Salvador Dogi the pug with his paws up on a front desk at Dogtown Headquarters with two people behind him

Sure enough, Salvador overcame his “wallflower artiste” personality and in no time was greeting people at Dogtown.

Salvador Dogi the pug with an orange ball in his mouth

Behind the volunteer desk, Salvador played and napped. He kept his favorite toys stashed in a cubby and was always happy to share them with friends.

Salvador Dogi the pug up on his hind legs with his front legs on a person's leg sitting in a desk chair

The playful pup soon figured out that he could get love and treats whenever he wanted them — which was, naturally, most of the time. And quite the little lapdog he was, always looking for an excuse to climb up onto one.

And honestly, how could you say no to this face?

From arrival to adoption, Salvador Dogi stole many hearts. His name made people laugh and then his personality finished the job. He had no problem winning over his new family. Now he can spend as much time as he wants curled up in someone’s lap or giving them kisses. From now on, he’s going to be lighting up their lives. And maybe they can teach him how to paint.

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Photos by Molly Wald

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