Declawed cat gets surgery for sore feet, then a new home

Sophie had painful toes from declaw surgery and didn't use her litter box, but today she's feeling good in her new home.
By Best Friends staff

Sophie’s aversion to the litter box wasn’t her fault. The sweet 13-year-old kitty was declawed earlier in her life and her feet hurt all the time. Declawed cats often don’t want to use the litter box because stepping on the litter is especially painful.

Then, she found herself homeless in a shelter. But luckily, she was able to come to Best Friends in Salt Lake City, and from there, she had corrective surgery on her toes thanks to the Paw Project. They’re dedicated to ending the painful and unnecessary practice of declawing cats, as well as helping cats suffering from the procedure.

Once Sophie recovered from surgery, the Best Friends team placed her in a foster home. Her foster mom fell in love with her right from the start and ended up adopting her. Now Sophie is loving her new pain-free life in her new home.

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