From dog fighting to dog snuggling

Two former Michael Vick dogs, Handsome Dan and Little Red, become best friends, proving some former fighting dogs can live peacefully with other dogs.
By David Dickson

Quick, it’s time to buy some presents! Not the holiday variety, though. We’re talking about can openers, sofas, curtains, and silverware. It’s a house-warming party for two of the Vicktory dogs!

Vicktory dog friends Little Red and Handsome Dan

Before you get too excited, they haven’t been adopted yet. But for Little Red and Handsome Dan, it’s a big step in that direction. These two snuggle monsters are now living in the same play area. It’s a far cry from dog fighting! These two pups, rescued from the property of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick, are now snuggling it up together.

When they first arrived at the Sanctuary, the Vicktory dogs had a long road ahead of them in so many different ways. One of the biggest was confidence. Some of the Vicktory dogs were so totally afraid of everything around them that they commando-crawled everywhere they went, just to stay closer to the ground and out of the way. Each one lived alone in a private play area.

Former fighting dogs enjoy training, socialization and play time

It’s incredible how far they’ve come. They conquered loose-leash walking, socialization, basic training, and learning how to play. Oscar has even become a Canine Good Citizen! No question, the Vicktory dogs are not the same dogs who rolled off the truck, afraid of their own shadows.

And now, Little Red and Handsome Dan are at the point where they can live together as play pals. Some space opened up in another part of the Sanctuary, and the caregivers and managers thought this was a good chance to give them a new experience. So two of the Vicktory dogs, all of whom many people thought would never get along with other dogs, are now happy and well-adjusted roommates. These two dogs who have had such a rough life can now zip and race around in their very own play area as only best buds can do.

Surely that’s worth a celebratory chew toy or two! Congrats, you guys.

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Photo by Molly Wald