A dog saves the day (and donated medical supplies)

Dulcie the dog saves the day and a large donation of plasma that will be used in medical treatment for Sanctuary animals.
By David Dickson

This is a story of heroic deeds: An awe-inspiring account of lives saved, odds beaten, and the cruel hand of fate turned back. Meet Dr. Mike, one of the fine and gifted veterinarians here at Best Friends. He’s capable. He’s a quick thinker. He saves lives all the time. Now do your best to ignore him because he isn’t our hero in this tale.

Medical donation for Best Friends

No, it’s Dulcie, the unassuming dog in the picture who was the real mastermind behind the operation. The story begins when TW Medical called to donate around $16,000 worth of plasma to Best Friends. Plasma is used to maintain blood volume during shock or whenever blood pressure is low. Dr. Mike gladly accepted the plasma and made arrangements for delivery.

Even heroes and their people need a little recreation. Dr. Mike had planned a hiking trip on his day off, and brought Dulcie and a few other dogs with him. He drove two and a half hours to a favorite hiking spot and had a four-hour hike in mind. About 30 minutes into the hike, Dulcie realized they needed to turn back. Call it animal instinct. She used a pretty transparent excuse of being afraid of thunder, but it got the job done. Dr. Mike scrapped the rest of the hiking trip and headed home.

Saving donated plasma

As soon as they were within cell phone range, Dr. Mike received a cell message saying that the delivery truck was stuck in St. George and wouldn’t be able to reach Best Friends until Monday. Oh, and the truck’s refrigeration system wasn’t working. Dr. Mike was able to rush down with dry ice and save the plasma before it all spoiled. Had they finished their hike, the plasma would likely have been ruined. Dulcie shrugs her shoulders whenever people applaud her. "Just another day in the life of a hero."

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Photo by Molly Wald

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