Dog with typing skills

Ginny the dog, who was rescued as a stray, tries to take take over Best Friends employee's office job by deomonstrating her typing skills.
By Elizabeth Doyle

How do you know when someone’s trying to move in on your job? For one Best Friends employee, it didn’t take a lot of detective work. Pam Meier returned to her desk after the shortest of breaks to find Ginny the dog typing away at her computer! Don’t believe her? Pam was afraid everyone would say that. That’s why she immediately grabbed a camera, and took shots like the one above. Absolute proof!

Former stray dog in the Grand Canyon

Pam probably does have something to worry about. That Ginny has always been an overachiever. She has hiked all over the Grand Canyon (where she was rescued as a stray) and with a bad leg, to boot! When she got to Best Friends, she recovered so well from her much-needed knee surgery that she went on to become one of the Best Friends dogs who broke the world record for most dogs walked at one time.

Laid-back dog

Later, her mellow, easygoing personality won her a job at the Welcome Center, where she greeted visitors to the sanctuary and gave kisses to all the tourists’ dogs. But clearly, that wasn’t enough for her! Soon, she had moved into Pam’s office, and – wait a minute, I thought you had a bad leg – leaped up on the desk to get at Pam’s computer.

Office dog with typing skills

Well, Pam does still have one hope – maybe some day Ginny will find a home and Pam can get her job back! Or, at least, maybe she’ll find another job? Any openings out there for a dog with weak knees but excellent typing skills?

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Photos by Pam Meier