Dog with a unique smile

Lovable dog with unique smile (she's missing part of her lower jaw so her tongue hangs out) had found a home, but then there was another challenge.
By David Dickson

Poor Dara! If it wasn’t for bad luck, she’d have no luck at all. Maybe you remember Dara the dog. She’s the darling girl who came to Best Friends not long ago from a rescue in Alabama. Back in Alabama, she tried long and hard to find a home, but nobody could get past her unique perma-grin. She’s missing part of her lower jaw and can’t seem to keep her tongue in her mouth. And although Dara practically does back-flips of joy when anybody greets her, nobody ever picked her for a home.

Lovable dog

Her rescuers thought she might do better finding a home at Best Friends, and it turned out there was room for a girl like her. So she came to live at the sanctuary. That did the trick! Dara no sooner hit the sand than she started cranking up the charm full blast. Except with Dara, she doesn’t really have to "crank up" anything. She’s naturally irresistible! Before long, people were meeting her and falling in love all over the place. Soon, Dara found a nice home in southern Utah with a family that adored her.

Bad luck again for sweet dog

Only problem … bad luck wasn’t quite finished with her. Dara was out on a walk one day with her new family. Some neighbors saw them and took notice. Unbeknownst to Dara’s family, their homeowners’ association had decided to create a rule stating that no dog weighing more than 25 pounds could live there. And since Dara is over the limit, she had to leave her new family almost as soon as she arrived. They were heartbroken, but Dara is quite the trooper. She’s back at the sanctuary and is as optimistic as ever.

Besides, her luck has to turn around one of these days. Welcome back, Dara. As much as everybody loves you at the sanctuary, here’s hoping you don’t stay around too long this time.

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Photo by Sarah Ause


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