'DogTown' stars Patti Iampietro and Sherry Woodard on 'The Today Show'

Veterinarian Patti Iampietro and animal behaviorist Sherry Woodard are being interviewed on 'The Today Show' about their appearances on 'DogTown.'
By Cathy Scott

Two of Best Friends’ own are making national appearances March 20 on NBC’s "The Today Show," a morning news and talk show.

Veterinarian Patti Iampietro and animal behaviorist Sherry Woodard interviewed

The broadcast of interviews with animal behavior consultant Sherry Woodard and veterinarian Dr. Patti Iampietro coincides with 10 new episodes of "DogTown," the popular series on the National Geographic Channel about the good work we do with abused and neglected dogs.

On "The Today Show," the pair will talk about their work in the Dogtown section of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

"DogTown" TV series episodes

Woodard and Iampietro are highlighted in the new season of "DogTown" episodes, which begin March 20.

In "The Survivors," the premiere episode, Woodard goes out on an urgent rescue to save the lives of eight beagles, but one of them turns out to have potentially fatal heartworms.

Iampietro is featured in the April 3 episode, called "Starting Over," examining Ava, a golden retriever who arrived at the Best Friends clinic with a paw that was injured in a coyote trap. Iampietro takes a chance and removes two of Ava's toes with the hope of saving the dog’s leg.

"The Today Show" airs 7-9 a.m. Eastern Time/Pacific Time.

"DogTown" appears on cable TV’s National Geographic Channel at 10 p.m. Eastern Time/Pacific Time.

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Photos by Clay Myers