Dressing up pets: Good or bad idea?

Should you dress up a dog or cat for Halloween or another holiday? Here are the results of our survey along with some cute pictures pets in costumes.
By Best Friends staff

We did a survey among animal lovers to find answers to the pressing question ...

How do YOU feel about dressing up your pet?

Over 6,000 people responded.

Should you dress up your dog or cat?

Picture of a dressed-up dog and a cat with a "lion" haircut

Analyzing the survey resutls

1.) Women are more inclined to dress up their pets. And guys? Not so much.

"I don't always look this smashing ... nevermind, yes I do."

Dog dressed up as a princess

2.) According to our survey, the younger you are, the more pro-costume you are. "Ka-Powww!"

Cat dressed up as a superhero

3.) 88 percent of the under 21 crowd said YES, dress 'em up. Could it be in order to take a quick selfie?

"My name is Frank. Really."

Small dog wearing a hot dog costume

4.) Only 31 percent of seniors say yes. Perhaps they are less inclined to embarrass their pets.

"Embarrassed? Please. This is the best I've looked in years!"

Hound dog wearing a hat with flowers on it

5.) Those who identify themselves as “cat people” were the least interested in costumes.

"No. I will not smile and blow out the candles."

Tuxedo cat wearing a pink party hat

6.) 32 percent of cat people are pro costume. Those 32 percent must have really mellow cats. Or a lot of scratches.

"I can't wait for the holidays! (to be over.)"

Black cat wearing a witch costume

Whether you believe it’s right or wrong to put a witch hat on your cat or angel wings on your dog, we all have two things in common. We love pets and we want to help save their lives.

This Halloween, forget the trick and give homeless pets a true treat. Make a gift today.

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