Duck out of water, now in!

You'd think a duck with water-related troubles would be in a tough spot, but not at the home of a certain Best Friends member.
By Best Friends Animal Society

If you’re an animal and the tax assessor mistakes your barn for a human house, chances are you’re living well. But posh living accommodations are only part of why Best Friends ducks Tammy and Shirley (now Dammy and Dirley) are as happy as … well, ducks in water.

Barbara Hanson of Denver, Colorado, hasn’t been the same since somebody gave her a duck 33 years ago. The duck’s name was Daisy, and Barbara fell head over heels for her. Before long, ducks became her number one passion. These days, Barbara has duck decorations in every nook and cranny of her life, right down to the toilet seats. That’s only the beginning, though. She has a variety of ducks who live on her property as pets, with many more wild ducks dropping in during the day because the perks are so good. With a big pond by day and a cozy barn by night—for the domestics—the ducks are living the high life indeed. In fact, the barn is so big that a tax collector once mistook it for a human residence!

This place is truly a duck paradise, but Dammy and Dirley like it for different reasons. Dammy is a Pekin duck with some neurological problems that make it hard for her to get in and out of a normal pond. Barbara heard about Dammy and slipped into matchmaker mode. She had a Pekin, David, who couldn’t swim because of physical problems. Could they become friends? You bet! Dammy and David hit it off right away and are now the sweetest couple. They have a mini wading pool so they can play safely in shallow water. Dammy is also a big people lover and receives lots of attention in her new home.

Dirley, on the other hand, was anything but a fan of people. Give her ducks, thank you very much. Barbara thought Dirley could also be happy at her home with all the other ducks around. Turns out she was right. This new setup is perfect for her. Dirley has all the distance from people she needs and there are more than a few ducks on the big pond who have been eager to meet the new girl on the block. Happy endings all around, and all because of a small duck named Daisy who, 33 years ago, showed Barbara a whole new wonderful and feathery side to life!

Story by David Dickson

Photo by Troy Snow

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