Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum and small dog
Emmy Rossum supports Best Friends Animal Society.
By Best Friends Animal Society

Emmy Rossum and her adopted dog, Pepper, have joined Best Friends Animal Society's Save Them All campaign, featuring celebrities posed with their very own rescued dogs and/or cats in support of the Save Them All call to action.

"The wonderful thing about adopting from a shelter or rescue organization is that you save two lives, the life of the dog or cat you adopt and then another who takes the open spot at the shelter," Rossum says. "Then when that dog or cat gets adopted there is another open spot, and so on.  There are so many amazing dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, temperaments and breeds looking for homes and when you make that connection with the right one, your life is changed for the better. I encourage everyone to find their new best friend at their local animal shelter and together we will save them all."

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