Gentle June

Epileptic dog shows how sweet and spunky she can be.
By Christelle L. Del Prete

When June first arrived at the Sanctuary, her epilepsy was out of control. No one had figured out the right medication or dosage to keep her seizures at bay. And the pills she was taking made her so tired and spacey that she would sometimes just stare off into the distance with a blank look on her face. Or, she would walk stiffly around her run like a zombie. But thanks to a promising new medication regimen, this nine-year-old has gotten some of her natural spunk back.

Funny and sweet

June the dogIt's a good thing, too, because June is far too funny and sweet to be overlooked. According to her caregivers, Cherie Mascis and Lee Bonde, she's people-oriented, huggable, and great with handling. "She'll even let you smoosh her face," Cherie says. But June has her diva moments too; she likes to play dress-up, and she wants you to notice how stylish she looks in her pink jacket.

But the best thing about June, Lee says, is that "she's definitely one of the dogs that makes us laugh the most." Why do her caregivers find her so amusing? Well, June's meds make her a little hungry (OK, a lot hungry), and she spends a great deal of time trying to figure out where treats are stashed. Her caregivers have learned to store them out of her reach, but that doesn't stop her from trying to get her paws in the cookie jar.

Will dance for treats

Though she's a pit bull terrier mix and a bit stocky, June thinks she's as agile as a cat. "She has no concept of what she is physically capable of," Cherie says with a laugh. Recently, hilarity ensued when June went "pole dancing" for treats. Apparently, she spied some goodies on a high shelf, and tried to shimmy up a support pole after them. Of course, gravity prevailed and she slid right back down, legs flailing. Whoops! She'll have to think of a better way to forage for treats.

Acrobatics aside, June is incredibly gentle and sweet. She's generous with kisses, and she can't wait to give them to someone who will take her home and be patient with her special needs. June knows it might take her a little while to find the perfect home, but she isn't going to fret. Because, until that day comes, she'll be busy loving and entertaining everyone at the Sanctuary.

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Photos by Molly Wald