Get ready for Strut Your Mutt

Dog walking photos highlight the fun of Strut Your Mutt, a fundraiser for pets in need. Register for this annual walk and 5k.
By Jennifer Hayes

Need a cure for the Monday blues? Our photo feature is here to help provide a brief diversion from your workday routine with a small dose of squee, wow and awwww. Enjoy!

Fitness and health are important to both people and their pups, and a fun way to accomplish both is through sponsored dog walks in 2016, like Strut Your Mutt. Register today for the chance to enjoy a dog friendly 5K, interactive games and other family friendly activities at one of 14 cities nationwide. Plus, all funds raised help animal rescue groups — so participation is a win-win! Check out some cute photos from past years to get in the spirit and join in the fun.

Register for Strut Your Mutt today

Strut Your Mutt, small white dog being held by person in Minnie Mouse ears
I thought you said we were going to Disney World.


Pit bull terrier type dog walking in Strut Your Mutt
Just try to keep up with me.


Black cocker spaniel with fur in bun at Strut Your Mutt
I heard man buns were all the rage.


Malamute dog being hugged at Kanab Strut Your Mutt
Strut Your Mutt with my whole family? I’m a happy dog!


Great pyrenees dog with his person at Strut Your Mutt
No lap? I’ll just have to make do.


Yellow lab holding a stick in is mouth at Strut Your Mutt
Speak softly and carry a big stick.


Two Pomeranians at Strut Your Mutt
The cuteness quotient just went up now that we’ve arrived.


Small dog being carried at Strut Your Mutt
I’m doing Strut Your Mutt in style.


Smiling dog in orange bandanna at Strut Your Mutt
Leader of the pack


Walking Pomeranian wearing pink booties at Strut Your Mutt
These boots were made for strutting.


Small black dog holding up a toy at Strut Your Mutt
Would you please hold this while I strut?


Two pugs being walked at Strut Your Mutt
Come on. Hurry up. You’re holding us back.


Volunteer holding small black dog at Strut Your Mutt
The most important volunteer duty of all — carrying me.


Woman smiling and holding small dog at Strut Your Mutt
Best. Day. Ever.


Dog getting some ice cream at Strut Your Mutt
After walking a 5K, I deserve an ice cream.


English bulldog in a pool at Strut Your Mutt


Dog wearing an elephant costume at Strut Your Mutt
I am elephant. Hear me roar!


Woman with dog spinning a prize wheel at Strut Your Mutt
What’d I win? Is it a cookie? I sure hope it’s a cookie.


Person and dog wearing mohawk hairdos at Strut Your Mutt
Yes, we have the same stylist. Why do you ask?


Dog getting a belly rub at Strut Your Mutt
After walking a 5K with these little legs, I need a massage.


Chow wearing sunglasses and a bandanna
Sunglasses? Check. Bandanna? Check. I’m ready to roll.


Photos by Best Friends staff

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Dog Strut Your Mutt