Green cheek conure will not be bullied anymore

Green cheek conure, a little parrot, is bullied by the big parrots in her home, so she comes to Best Friends where she will be safe and can heal.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Little parrots have feelings too! If only Jazzy had been able to get the big parrots in her last home to believe her. They really hurt this little girl! But she’s at Best Friends now, where she’s healing up, getting plenty of love and laughter, and going to be just fine.

Picked-on green cheek conure

Jazzy is a green cheek conure. That’s a kind of parrot, but a very small one. Trouble is, her roommates at her last home were all the big kind of parrot. And they were horrible to her! In fact, they just about ripped off her beak. Her person gave her up so she wouldn’t get picked on anymore, and fortunately, there just happened to be room for a little parrot at Best Friends!

Healing an injured beak

She can only eat soft foods at the moment. And her beak has been more or less glued together so she won’t lose it! But she’s getting plenty of medical attention, and the prognosis is excellent. Given time, she should have full use of her mouth again. Thank goodness! This friendly little girl deserves some gentler treatment than her old roommates were giving her.

Here, she’s making new friends with all sorts of folks who come into the Feathered Friends office. And with plenty of care and a little luck, she should be a happy conure, with an all-better beak, ready to make friends for life who’ll treat her right!

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Photo by Troy Snow


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