Greylag goose wonked in the head

Greylag goose kicked by a horse sustained injuries: she lost her eye and her neck and leg were hurt. She is receiving treatment at Best Friends.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Kicked by a horse – ouch! That’s got to hurt. But don’t worry; everything’s going to be just fine for this pretty goose, who’s now living at Best Friends.

Injured greylag goose

Georgie is a beautiful greylag goose – bigger and plumper than you’d guess from her photo – and she’s had a hard time fitting in.

At her old home, the weather was too cold for her to live outside. So she was put in with the horses, when – wonk! Georgie lost her eye, got a crick in her neck, and hurt her leg from the kick. It hurt something awful! Is there a safe place in this world for a domestic goose?

Georgie went from her home to a rescue, and from there she came to Best Friends. She arrived with her very own radio (because she likes country music) and her very own mirror (cause she thinks she’s cute!).

Receiving medical care

Here, Georgie’s health is being watched very closely. She’s shy with the other geese, but she’s slowly making friends. And vets are examining her to determine the extent of her injuries from that horse kick. How well will she cope without an eye? Can her leg be repaired with physical therapy? Did getting hit in the head confuse her in any way?

Whatever the case, she’s now somewhere safe, where no other animals will attack her. We hope she’ll gradually learn to make friends with the other geese. And we’ll help her recover, so she’ll be as strong a goose as she can be. If you’d like to keep up with Georgie’s progress, you can check in with her regularly on the Guardian Angel section of this website.

Photos by Molly Wald

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