Guinea pig adoption

Jeannette Srivastava from Michigan adopts a senior longhair guinea pig from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
By Best Friends staff

When Jeannette Srivastava saw Cha-Cha the guinea pig on the Best Friends website, she was glad she just happened to be heading in the sanctuary's direction for the How to Start a Sanctuary workshop, because she now had every intention of going home with that little Cousin Itlook-alike. Lucky him!

Guinea pig lowdown

There were a couple of things she needed to know about the loveable ball of hair, though, before taking him back to her home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For one thing, guinea pigs generally live to be about five. And Cha-Cha is six. "I like older men!" she cried.

Then there was the matter of Cha-Cha not being the most mild-mannered guinea pig anyone has ever met. But Jeannette, who is helping open Kitty Cat Cares back in Michigan, has a special fondness for animals who are a little "high maintenance."

Perfect! In that case, perhaps she'd be interested in adopting more! Because there are plenty more all over the sanctuary with special needs who just need a little extra attention ...

"I know!" she said. "Not to mention the animals."

Guinea pig adoption

You have a fun new mom, Cha-Cha. Enjoy your new Michigan home!

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