Heckin’ good doggos and cats werk the runway at Best Friends

Heckin' good pupperinos and pretty kitties werk the runway at Best Friends during epic photo shoot that inspires derps, mlems and borks.
By Anna Jacoby

Pulling inspo from the fierce queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Pose, these cool cats and dope doggos at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary prove that they’re not at all short on charisma, uniqueness and talent. The following four-legged heckin’ good boys and girls served their best looks, worked their most fabulous angles, and slayed up and down Angel Canyon for the camera.

The derps, mlems, bleps, and borks will leave you pawsitively begging for more.

Special thanks to photographers extraordinaire Adam and Mary Goldberg of AGoldPhoto pet photography for capturing the magic of the animals and the Sanctuary.


Two photos of Rogue, a long-haired dilute calico cat who has a lion cut

Category is: Eleganza Extravaganza. Rogue is serving Mufasa realness with that mane. Hailing from Glamazonia, Rogue is a playful feline and inquisitive explorer. She flaunts legs for days (à la Naomi Smalls) atop Pride Rock like the Queen of the Sanctuary that she is.

Catwalk rating 10/10: She’s simply got the look.


Two photo of Kiki the dog on a rock formation with blue skies, white clouds and the sun behind her

Category is: Sun’s out, tongue’s out! Werk it Miss Kiki. Tongue to the left, tongue to the right. Serve us that head tilt/tongue out combo.

Mutt strut rating 15/10: for extra tongue out and it’s not even Tuesday. Yass pupperino!


Two photos of orange tabby and white cat Solarflare, sitting with legs splayed

The library is open and sassy Solarflare is doin’ you a read. Solarflare is actually quite a mellow guy--unless another feline tries to get in his spotlight and take over the catwalk. Sashay away, honey, before he reads you and throws shade your way.

Catwalk rating 13/10: for serving quit-witted cattitude while holding elegant form with that splits pose.


Two photos of Burton a husky mix where he's jumping up with his front paws

Category is: Floof Realness. Look at silver fox Burton showing off his Husky majesty for all of Dogtown to admire. Take in that body-ody-ody before he bippity-boppity-boos outta here in baller French exit fashion.

Mutt strut rating 20/10: for showboating, cloud boi.


Two photos of brown tabby cat Cory while he's playing

Cory takes the maxi challenge to the next level by hitting the catnip on the runway, but stilettos and catnip don’t mix. Bring your realness, boo. Lie down on that runway. COME THROUGH! Let that feather toy have it.

Catwalk rating 11/10: Minus one point for going overboard on the ‘nip, two point credit for impressive mlem under the influence.


Two photos of Yvonne, a gray and white pit bull terrier hanging her paws over a fallen log

Category is: Total Package. Mama knows how to accessorize and she’s selling the heck out of this tree trunk. Cash or credit? Leave your American Express and MasterCard at home, because salt-and-pepper doggo Yvonne's love is not for sale.

Mutt strut rating 12/10: because the more dainty derps and blops the better. +1 million points because she just got adopted!


Two photos of Zorro, a black and white cat, one where he's reaching his paw up

Hey kitty girl! Zorro here with a friendly “henlo” to you. This floof is a tall glass of gregariousity who can charm the pants off of the most dedicated self-proclaimed “dog person.”

Catwalk rating 15/10: because no pants required when you’re a floofer. + infinity points because he just got adopted. BAM!

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