Holland lop rabbit who loves to chew (and chew some more)

Holland lop bunny is adopted into the perfect family who accommodate his favorite hobby: chewing! The rabbit-proof their home.
By David Dickson

Say hello to Mike and Linda Bobniz, two of the best pals a bunny could ever hope for. Twice a year, they come to Best Friends and spend most of their time volunteering with the rabbits. Like many animal lovers, Bob and Linda have friends who sometimes give them blank looks as they describe their vacation plans. "You’re going to use your time off to go get all dirty and scoop poop?" the friends ask. Bob and Linda’s answer? "You bet!"

Holland lop rabbit adoption

Last February, Bob and Linda adopted a Holland lop rabbit from Best Friends named Traveler. YThey bought him a plane ticket and everything for their flight back to Akron, Ohio. Want to hear how things turned out?

Accommodating a bunny who likes to chew

When they brought Traveler home, he began chewing the drywall off the wall corners. No worries. Mike spackled them back up again and put up plastic guards. Then Traveler began chewing the carpet fibers. Mike and Linda didn’t care about their carpet (after all, animals are supposed to take over the house!) but they knew that carpet fibers are not good for a rabbit’s stomach. So Mike and Linda ripped out all the downstairs carpet and laid down hardwood floors. At which point Traveler would whip around corners and do fishtail spin-outs on the hardwood.

Next solution: carpet runners. (Traveler can’t chew on these as he did with the previous carpet.) Aha! That did the trick. Now, how’s that for a dedicated rabbit family? Mike and Linda are having a great time back at the sanctuary, but they already miss Traveler. What a lucky bunny.

Photos by Molly Wald and Traveler's family.