Horseback riding through Angel Canyon

Now, that was an event to make us all jealous!
By Best Friends Animal Society

Now, that was an event to make us all jealous!


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Fifteen folks came from Arizona, Utah, and even California to ride horses through Best Friends’ canyons. Led by a team of Horse Haven staff, they got a tour of the pastures and cliffs, and their donations helped the sanctuary. It was a two-day weekend excursion that began each morning with a big pancake breakfast, and ended in the evening with a vegetarian dinner and a hay ride. Folks brought their own horses to ride, or we helped them rent one. And while they were here, heck – perhaps they’d like to meet some of our homeless horses up for adoption? Many can’t be ridden, but perhaps their own horses would like a friendly pasture pal?


OK, so perhaps it was a bit of a ploy to introduce Best Friends horses to folks who were proven horse lovers. But everyone had a wonderful time! One visitor, Karen Hayes, came from Arizona in hopes of taking the ride, but found at the last minute that the horse phobia she’d hoped to overcome was sneaking up on her, and she couldn’t quite do it. No problem! Horse Haven manager Paul Tharp stayed behind and took her around on a very, very slow mule ride, holding the reins for her the whole time until her fears started to subside. Pretty soon, she was sitting on that mule like a pro!


It was a successful event, and with any luck, it will become annual.. So if you’re a horse lover and you missed out, bookmark the workshop and events page // and keep checking for your next chance! And, of course, you’re welcome to visit Best Friends’ Horse Haven at any time to meet all the lovely, gentle pasture pals up for adoption.


Article by Elizabeth Doyle. Photos by Troy Snow.