Hug Your Hound Day

Come celebrate Hug Your Hound Day with us and some hounds who are looking for homes.
By Molly Wald and Sarah Thornton

Hug Your Hound Day is September 12 and here at Best Friends we’re excited and more than ready to celebrate. Some of us might have even started early. There’s a bunch of floppy-eared, howl-y, wrinkly hound dogs at the Sanctuary right now, and they’re all perfect for hugging and petting and playing with and giving treats to and … (Wait, did one of them write this?)

So, if you’re interested in joining in on the festivities, let us introduce to you some huggable pups just looking for a home. Release the hounds!


Fenton the hound with his head out a car window

First up is Fenton, a country boy through and through. He struggled with the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City, but he’s loving the peace, quiet and wide-open space of the canyon.

Fenton the dog lying on the floor getting petted by a person


Skitter is a well-practiced illusionist.

Skitter the hound with green foliage behind him

“Hold on a second,” you say. “He looks like a basset hound.” But oh, just wait until you see those impossibly long legs.

Skitter the hound out for a walk on a leash and harness

Yep, that there’s a full-sized hound dog alright.


If we were giving out superlatives, Larry would easily win class clown. He absolutely loves making people happy.

Larry the hound lying down on the grass with tongue hanging out and person behind him

He’s an incredible goofball.

Larry the hound with his lips up against a gate exposing his teeth

And he’s willing to do just about anything to make his audience laugh.

A person putting a hat on Larry the hound dog


To be honest, all these hounds have a knack for humor. And their facial expressions are simply unmatched. Just check out Haku.Haku the hound dog collage of photos, one of him playing with another dog and another of him running toward the camera

They’re certainly not afraid of being a little awkward (or a lot).Haku the hound dog collage of photos, one of him shaking and one of him lying in the grass on his back with a person

And no matter the age, from pup to full-grown pooch, their sweet dopiness is second to none.

Pair of hound puppies snugging together on a blanket

How about it? Have you fallen head over heels for these happy hounds? Ready to start celebrating? You know, every day can be Hug Your Hound Day if you give one of these precious pups a home. Believe us. The cuddles are definitely worth it.

Hug all the dogs

It’s not just huggable hounds looking for homes. Pets of all shapes and sizes are waiting in shelters right now for new, loving families.

Adopt a pet near you

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Photos by Molly Wald