Kids have the time of their lives fostering kittens

Janie Palmer’s young son really wanted a cat for his birthday, but she had something else in mind. Instead of adopting a cat, why not foster one?
By Nicole Hamilton

When Janie Palmer’s girlfriend told her how much fun she was having fostering cats from Best Friends, she had a brilliant idea. Since her son had been asking her to adopt a cat for his birthday, she’d get the ball rolling to foster a cat instead. Not only would fostering teach her three children about responsibility, but it would also help the cats get acclimated to home life, which in turn, would help them get adopted. Plus, it would be loads of fun.

After contacting Best Friends to set everything up, the Palmers welcomed a mom cat and her three kittens to their home. For the next month, the kids were in charge of making sure mom and her kittens were fed, had plenty of water and were comfortable.

“There have been tender moments with my kids, holding these baby kittens and just being so sweet and just so gentle with them,” says Janie. “I don’t always get to see this side from them.”

Janie is looking forward to fostering more cats from Best Friends. “These animals, they know that you’re helping them,” she says. “I’ve really loved having this mom cat and her babies. There are always more kittens that need your help.”

Kittens need your help (and your love)

Fostering lets you have the time of your life while helping save lives. How’s that for a win-win?

Be a foster parent

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