Kitten born without back feet

This little kitten was born without back feet. The shelter he came from was going to euthanize him, but Best Friends took him in.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Drew the kitten was born with a very unusual deformity, but now he’s at Best Friends, where it’s OK to be different.

Kitten with missing feet

Drew was born without any back feet. He walks on his front feet and on his back knees, where his legs end. But he gets around just fine! In fact, he’s the snuggliest, friendliest, purriest eight-month-old kitten you could want to meet. Such a happy little guy! He really enjoys life.

Kitten in danger of euthanasia

Sadly, he was at a shelter in California that was going to put him down because of his deformity. In fact, he was first on the list to be put to sleep! But we offered to take him to Best Friends instead, where we felt sure that such a friendly, cute kitten could find a family who didn’t mind his deformity.

He’s at the sanctuary now, in a playroom with other gentle kittens. They have four feet each, but they don’t seem to be counting Drew’s. In fact, they all get along just great.

Adoptable kitty

Drew is now on the lookout for a very good home, and we just know he’ll find one. While he waits, he is enjoying lots of love right here. After all, it isn’t the number of feet that matters; it’s the volume of the purring!

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Photo by Troy Snow