Kitten with untreated eye infections and respiratory problems gets help

Kira the kitten didn't get treatment she needed for an eye infection and respiratory problem. Her eye issue caused her to develop an ulcer in one eye.
By David Dickson

Sometimes animals get sick when they don’t have to. Kira was one of those. Born in a crowded shelter and ignored as a kitten, she developed serious eye infections and chronic upper respiratory problems. Both were left untreated. These conditions, most likely caused by the herpes virus, are quite treatable, but Kira was shuffled around without any proper medical care.

Kitten with untreated medical issues

For a little while she went into foster homes, but received no medication. Her eyes continued to get worse and one of them developed an ulcer. Eventually, Kira went back to a shelter, only to be adopted by a couple who wanted a mouser, but didn’t want to spend any money for care. Pain from her medical problems slowed Kira down and she didn’t make the cut as a mouser.

The next stop was yet another shelter. Fortunately, these folks had Kira’s best interests at heart, even if they didn’t have the money to care for her then-advanced eye problems.

Treating cat with eye drops to heal ulcer

So at that point, Kira came to Best Friends. With a combination of eye drops, her eyes are getting better. The ulcer on the one eye is already fading and looks as if it will go away completely without surgery. Thank goodness her lucky break came before the ulcer cost her the eye. Also, a hefty dose of antibiotics has cleared up the respiratory infection. She’s been through a lot, but still purrs when you look at her and welcomes petting. She’s had a rough go of it so far, but you’d never know it to look at her. What an amazing gal.

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Photo by Molly Wald

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