Learning to love again

And what better place to take lessons than at the Parrot Garden?
By Best Friends Animal Society

Pets who live as long as parrots often end up living in more homes than a fashion-disaster sofa passed around among college students. Think about it. Unless you get a macaw as a present for your first birthday (and you shouldn’t), how else could you care for the bird its entire life? Macaws and other large parrots can live up to 80 years.


As a result, some parrots are well-traveled. In fact, Romeo, a blue-fronted Amazon who just arrived at the sanctuary, came all the way from Germany! His person brought him to America years ago, but still, it’s not every day a bird native to Mexico gets to live in Europe.


Unlike a lot of birds his age though, 18-year-old Romeo has only lived in one home and with only one person handling him. Sad to say, but by age 18 a lot of parrots have already been in several different homes. And for his whole life, Romeo only ever loved that one person. However, when he lost his home, he came to the Parrot Garden (the bird part of the sanctuary), a great place for a bird down on his luck.


Perhaps it should come as no surprise, but Romeo is not all that interested in meeting new people yet. Continent-hopping is not such a big deal if you have your person beside you every step of the way. But saying goodbye to the only real friend you’ve ever known? That’s a lot harder.


Still, he has a whole group of caregivers who want to get to know him. They’re going to keep trying no matter how long it takes. In time, even Romeo will realize he can have good friends again. And maybe this go around he’ll even let more than one person inside. Hang in there, Romeo. Things are looking up!



Story by David Dickson




Photo by Gary Kalpakoff


Help make Romeo’s transition to Best Friends a little easier. Consider donating some toy parts or nuts from the Parrot Garden wish list.

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