Meet the other Simpsons

Discovered on the Best Friends website, Edna is adopted into a Simpsons-happy palace for pooches.
By Best Friends Animal Society
Here’s a trivia question for all you Simpsons fans out there. What do Milhouse, Patty (Marge’s sister who works at the DMV), and Edna Krabappel (the schoolteacher) have in common? A brand new family! OK, so maybe it wasn’t a totally fair question. But for any dog who moves in with Chris Pajak and Jim Wolfe of San Diego, California, a brand new Simpsons’ character name is only the beginning of the great times ahead.

Jim and Chris are Simpsons fanatics. They are also huge fans of older dogs. They have a soft spot the size of Springfield when it comes to adopting older pooches. They adopted Milhouse from Best Friends four years ago, and then they adopted Patty from a local rescue group. Both are older dogs. And now, Edna is the newest addition to the Simpsons cast in their home.

Edna used to be named Orchid here at Best Friends. Orchid was found as a stray and had a huge, painful-looking tumor right on top of her eye. Anybody who saw her in the early days barely recognizes her now. The Best Friends vets were able to remove the tumor and save the eye, which seemed nearly impossible when she first came to Best Friends. She’s around nine years old, and has been a sweetheart from the very beginning. Even before her tumor was gone, she was a gentle, cuddly type. Chris and Jim found her on the Best Friends website and fell in love. Their Labrador retriever, Bart, passed away not long ago and Edna was another Lab. It seemed like the perfect fit.

And it has been. Edna settled right in. She sleeps in the big bed, she snores like a champion all night long, she hogs the furniture, and she sneaks food as often as possible! Even though the house has a great big doggie door—big enough for a person—and they have a large fenced yard, Edna chooses to lounge around the house almost all the time. As is often the case, with age comes wisdom. She knows when she’s being darn good and spoiled! Congrats to all of you. Homer would be pleased.

Story by David Dickson

Photo by Molly Wald

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