Miracle bunny

Oscar overcomes severe adversity and rises above, making friends with everyone he meets.
By Best Friends Animal Society

The latest rabbit to hit the scene at the sanctuary has been dubbed a "miracle bunny," among his caregivers. Oscar really fits the title. The fact that he’s even alive is miracle enough, but his over-the-top friendly personality after what he’s been through? That takes things to a whole new level.


His previous person found him one day while hiking near Los Angeles. The poor little guy had been severely mauled by a predator—and yet he was still alive. She rushed him to medical help and, against all odds, he came through. Against even greater odds, he came through so well that you can’t even tell he had an accident, unless you know where to look. His rescuer decided to take him home. She kept him for five years, but recently had to find him a new home.


Oscar has a few missing teeth and a couple of scratches and scars from the incident, but you can’t see them on first pass. He moves around like nothing ever happened. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, though, is his bubbly personality. Oscar loves to be loved! He doesn’t seem to carry a stitch of fear or anxiety from the attack. As far as he’s concerned, every person he meets is his new pal for life.


The caregivers are hoping that same friendliness will carry over to making friends with other rabbits. At the top of that list is a social outsider named Chocolate. Chocolate came to Best Friends with his mom, named Mama. Mama passed away several months back and ever since they haven’t been able to convince Chocolate that anybody else is good enough. Maybe Oscar will finally break the dry spell. After all, Oscar is kind of in his own league when it comes to making friends.


An interesting little fact about why his rescuer named him Oscar. She found him on the day of the Academy Awards—thus the name. Not too shabby. But really, he’s even cooler than a golden statue, don’t you think?


Welcome, Oscar!



Story by David Dickson




Photo by Molly Wald


Oscar is just one of the many bunnies residing at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. For more about these remarkable rabbits, see our Adorable Adoptables.

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