National Volunteer Appreciation Week

We'd like to express appreciation for all of our volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. Here we celebrate one young animal volunteer.
By Best Friends staff

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we at Best Friends want to say a big thank-you to all of you who dedicate your time and talents to make the world a better place for animals.

Thanking our volunteers who help animals

Thank you to the countless volunteers who work daily at the sanctuary, to the hundreds who helped with our Hurricane Katrina relief effort, and to the people now helping with the Rabbit Rescue in Reno. (Say that three times fast!) Thanks as well to our Best Friends Network members who help from their own communities, and to our adoption volunteers everywhere. We salute you all. You make a difference!

Young dedicated volunteer

Here is one small example among many that captures the spirit of our volunteers. Eleven-year-old Beth visited the sanctuary a few weekends ago for her birthday. But this wasn’t Beth’s first trip to Best Friends. Not even close! Beth first came to volunteer when she was five. She and her mom, Linda, worked with cats, while her father, Jeff, volunteered at dogs. For Beth, that first visit marked the beginning of a long road in caring for animals.

Over the years, Beth has returned many times to Best Friends and has worked in various areas, spending hours helping the animals feel loved. Beth couldn’t wait to turn 10, the magic age when she would be allowed inside a dog run. Last year, she finally reached this milestone, and that only fueled her interest in animals. She has decided to become a vet. Beth has even convinced her parents to consider moving to Page, Arizona, to be closer to Best Friends. Way to go, Beth!

An inspiration to animal lovers

Beth is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere. And it’s because of volunteers like her that we can help as many critters as we do. Once again, to Beth and to all our like-minded supporters: Thank you so very much!

Volunteer with animals.