A new home and her own website!

Can a dog find her calling in life at 15 years old? You bet she can!
By Best Friends Animal Society

Can a dog find her calling in life at 15 years old? You bet she can! Marietta, dubbed Queen Marietta by the folks at Best Friends, has not only found a great new home, but she can now be worshipped all over the world on her very own website!


100605marietta pose

Marietta was always what you might call a self-assured dog. A little on the serious side, very set in her ways, she liked to supervise caregivers as they mopped the floor – making little paw prints behind them as they went along. Why didn’t they make her just go back in her play area and not bother them? They couldn’t; she was too stubborn. There was something about her that just forced people to let her have her way. That’s how she got dubbed Queen Marietta!


Naturally, a dog like this would rather have a home to rule than be a sanctuary dog. But would anyone adopt a 15-year-old, gentle prima donna?


Vicki Kilmer-Rinker did! She was a volunteer at Best Friends, visiting from Florida, and she fell for Marietta a year ago. When she returned for another visit, she couldn’t believe that Marietta was still there after a year! So, it was time to adopt her. It was off to a sunny Florida retirement for Queen Marietta!


"She seems very happy," Vicki wrote. "She is doing funny little things around the house, like rearranging my line of shoes in the bedroom every time I’m not looking, and pulling my husband’s gym bag out of the closet repeatedly. Cracks us up!"


This is clearly the right home for Marietta!


But there’s more than that; Marietta now has her own website. If you visit it, you can see her … drinking water … taking steps … getting out of a car …. Any amount of Marietta worship you ever wanted to do, you can do on this site! She’s got to love it!


What’s best about the pictures is that they show a smiling Marietta, a glowing Marietta, a Marietta who is far less serious and more playful than the Marietta we always knew at the sanctuary. She has truly found a place where she can shine. Fifteen years old? So what – it’s never too late!



Visit Marietta at share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AatnLNs0ctmI2.


Article by Elizabeth Doyle. Photos by Troy Snow and Vicki Kilmer-Rinker.