Once-paralyzed puppy ditches his wheels

Chipper came to Best Friends with paralyzed hind legs, but with lots of medical help he was able to ditch his spiffy wheelchair and make a full recovery.
By Nicole Hamilton

When a tiny puppy named Chipper recently arrived at Best Friends from Animal Care Centers of NYC, the team could tell in an instant that nothing was going to hold the little guy back from loving life. Not even his paralyzed hind legs could steal his enthusiasm.

To figure out if Chipper would be able to walk on his back legs, the puppy went on many vet visits that included everything from an MRI to physical therapy to medication. Eventually doctors delivered some very good news: In time, Chipper would indeed be able to walk on four legs.

Chipper the puppy in a kennel

Chipper was fitted with a wheelchair to help him get around while he was building strength in his legs. Then he was placed in a foster home where he could zoom around in his wheelchair to his heart’s content (while stealing his foster parents’ hearts, no less).

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Today, the little puppy is making huge strides. In fact, he’s ditched the wheelchair and is running around as puppies do ― at full speed and stopping only for face licks, cuddles and treats.

Recently, Chipper was adopted by his foster family. And you can be sure that today, he’s still melting their hearts and making them smile, especially when they think of how far the little puppy has come, and how nothing could stop him from finding joy every day, everywhere. That’s the magic of puppies for you.

Puppy love is good for everything

Visit your local shelter to adopt or foster a puppy, and get ready for lots of fun, a little mischief and plenty of love.

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Photo courtesy of Best Friends in New York

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