Parrot stroller

By attaching a parrot cage to a regular stroller, the parrot stroller is invented. Birds can now enjoy the outdoors safely.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Wouldn’t you love to stroll around with your pet parrot in one of these?

Sometimes Best Friends caregivers get a little enthusiastic about their jobs. Which is a good thing! And it sometimes leads to the funniest and most clever thoughts. In this case, the folks at Feathered Friends were looking at the parrots, who were out enjoying their sunshine and vegetables in their cages and thought, "Wouldn’t it be nice for them to go somewhere else for a change?"

A new invention for parrots

Hence, the new invention – the parrot stroller!

By attaching a parrot cage to a regular stroller, Rick Van Tuyl came up with a delightful creation. And now, Best Friends parrots can now go on walks all over the sanctuary! "Hullo, hullo" – that’s the sound of a cockatoo riding along the walking paths, meeting folks and other birds along the way. They can make new friends, see new places, and all with their own personal chauffers. How aristocratic to take an afternoon stroll!

Parrot strollers: A new fad?

Who knows? Perhaps this will start a fashion. And soon, we’ll be meeting parrots in strollers, greeting each other, all the way from Los Angeles to New York City! Best Friends animals do like to see themselves as trendsetters.

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Photo by Troy Snow

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