Patricia’s Kittens

patricia s kittens
By Best Friends Animal Society

Written by Volunteer Teen Writer - Emma

This spring, I worked with and took care of four nursing cats and their kittens. I feel greatly privileged to have watched them grow and to have been welcomed into their intimate relationship. The mother cats, Ana, Patches, Harriett, and Patricia, allowed me to pet them and trusted me with their kittens as I spent time with them and took them to be weighed. Ana and Patches were sisters and they both had five kittens. Patches, a calico, would always greet me with soft meows. Harriett was found with Ana and Patches, she had four kittens. At only one year old, this was her first litter, and she was very petite. Patricia, also one year old, had three kittens, Patrice, Patty, and Patrina. They were slightly longhaired and very sweet. Patrice was gray and white, Patty was black and white, and Patrina was a tiger like Patricia. They all had blue eyes and would kiss my nose. Patricia was FIV positive and the kittens also tested positive because of the antibodies in the milk. Slowly, they began to test negative except for Patty. Patty has inherited the FIV and his healthy. Now all the kittens and mothers are adopted, except for Patricia who is still at the shelter looking for a home. I bonded with all the cats and kittens who gave me this amazing experience, they are all very close to my heart.