People-Pet Partnership celebrates 1000th adoption

Amy Angelilli creates the People-Pet Partnership in Philadelphia to help homeless pets get adopted. The organization just celebrated its 1,000th adoption!
By Best Friends staff

The three-month-old mix breed pup looks content in the arms of his new family, Shane and Darlene Brandon. He should. Not only has he found a home, but he is the 1,000th animal to find a home through the People-Pet Partnership (PPP) in Philadelphia.

People-Pet Partnership in Philadelphia

After visiting Best Friends Animal Society in 2001, Amy Angelilli, a PR guru, decided to use her skills to help the animals in her community. With her vision and the concepts of Best Friends, she created a program that would unite local animal organizations to bring pets to the public.

The goal? To sponsor as many pet adoption events as possible.

Lots of pet events

For the last three years, the PPP has introduced people to orphaned animals through a variety of events, including the Adopt-a-Pooch Parade, a Super Adoption Day and the New Body, New Buddy adoption day in January, which highlighted getting a new pet to help lose holiday pounds.

The group has also been successful at raising funds. "Down Dog for PPP" is a yoga class, with proceeds benefiting Philadelphia's orphaned dogs and cats. "Concert for Critters", featuring a favorite public radio musician, raised $1,000 for PPP's spay/neuter clinics. And, the rap group Beastie Boys donated 50 cents of each ticket sold to their Philadelphia show for a total of $4,818.

With a lot of hard work and determination, PPP has been increasingly successful at finding homes for pets and raising awareness in their community. It won't take long for that adoption number to reach 2000.

Adopt your next pet.