Pets aren't disposable

Pets aren't disposable. Read why it is best to adopt ("recycle") a dog, cat or other animal rather than buy from a breeder or pet store.
By Lori Corrigan

The huge global movement encouraging people to reuse rather than discard isn't limited to clothing and plastic shopping bags, because restoring the health of this planet and its inhabitants isn't just about saving inanimate objects.

Animal aren't disposable

Sure, the need to repurpose nonliving things is vital to sustaining the world's dwindling resources, but there is an even greater call for recycling the millions of domesticated animals whose sentient lives are all-too-often considered more disposable than an aluminum soda can. It is for this reason that Best Friends Animal Society–Utah is spotlighting December as an especially good time to spread good cheer by adopting dogs and cats from local shelters and rescue groups.

Pet adoption benefits

The abundance of tangible benefits that comes with adoption typically includes animals who are fully vetted: They have been spayed/neutered and received their vaccinations at a minimum, and their personality/disposition has been assessed. Organizations whose dogs and cats are fostered with families offer greater insight into each animal's behavioral and medical issues (if any), as well as determine the best home dynamic to fit every canine and feline personality. The intangible benefits, however, are innumerable yet best summed up as a second chance to find the right fit.

Please don't buy a pet

Whether considered hand-me-downs, previously owned, or castoffs, rescuing a salvaged pet instead of purchasing from a store or breeder supports the drive toward sustainability, both locally and ethically. Plus, these gently used dogs and cats come in a wide variety of sizes, ages and breeds, making it easy for you to connect with just the right furry companion.

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