Pets welcome the new year in new homes

As we say goodbye to 2020, these pets are saying hello to 2021 in new homes all their own.
By Sarah Thornton

2020 was a year of unexpected changes and challenges that left many of us feeling overwhelmed. But with everything that can be said about the year (and there truly is a lot), one silver lining has emerged: With all the new time spent at home, many people saw the perfect opportunity to bring a new pet from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary into their lives. One of our favorite things here at Best Friends is seeing the post-adoption updates from these families. So, we’re sharing some of our favorites with you.

While we look forward to a promising new year, these pets are looking forward to all the love and snuggles they’ve got coming in 2021.

Winning the puppy lottery with Cool Whip

Cool Whip the dog with her family in front of a Christmas tree

Cool Whip may have started her year as a stray, but she finished it out with a new family and a beautiful Christmas celebration. With four pairs of hands (both little and big) to scratch all the best spots, it looks like Cool Whip has hit the jackpot. But she’s not the only one feeling that way.

Here’s what Cool Whip’s new family had to say:

“Cool Whip is fitting into the family great. She’s potty-trained, loves walks on her leash, lets the kids love up on her, and loves playing fetch. We feel like we won the puppy lottery. Thanks again for pairing us and helping our family grow.”

Writer companion Zion

Zion the cat in the lap of his new person, who is sitting on a couch next to a window

Sweet, sensitive Zion found a home where he could put his highly honed skills to the test: snuggling in laps for hours, purring and being the perfect muse. (Mews?)

Zion’s new family writes:

“(Zion) is doing great! He’s the sweetest guy. While it took a little while for him to adjust to all the other pets in our household, he’s gotten comfy and brave about hanging out with our other cat and dogs.

“He loves to sleep on either of our laps and at night right on my pillow (lol)! One of the best surprises about him is how playful he is: He loves to hide under the bed and attack a feather toy dangled nearby or to chase a ball or laser light. He’s so much fun! It’s like he has the energy of a kitten sometimes, which is really hilarious and cute.

“I’m a writer and Zion is the ultimate writer’s cat. He’ll curl up on a lap (if available), and if he isn’t, he’ll lie on the windowsill tucked right up against my desk and watch the yard and river while I’m writing. He’s truly such a special guy. We didn’t need another pet, but he walked up to us in the gift shop like he was meant to be a part of our family. And now we can’t imagine our lives without him.”

A day in the life of Lizzo

Lizzo the dog and her person snuggling at the beach

When Lizzo came to the Sanctuary, she had eight little puppies in tow. But after they all found homes it was her turn, and now she’s living a life of cuddles and adventure with plenty of friends.

Here’s an update from Lizzo’s new family:

“Lizzo is a very happy, energetic, snuggly, quirky little lady. She spends her days hiking with me, chasing squirrels and solving food puzzles, and spends her evenings cuddling with me on the couch. She has met all six of her doggie cousins and loves them all.

“Hands down, she has been the highlight of my year. Lizzo's exuberance and enthusiasm in the morning reminds me that every day is something to be excited and grateful for. She also reminds me to cherish every meal, to be friendly to strangers and that there is no shame in going to bed early. I can't imagine what this year would have been like without her. So, thank you all for helping to bring her into my life!”

Wobbles the cat gains strength and confidence

Wobbles the calico cat in a window

A home of their own can make a world of difference, especially for shy pets. Wobbles was a little unsure of all the new people when she came to the Sanctuary, but now that she’s gone home, she’s absolutely blossoming.

Wobbles’ new family says:

“Everything has been wonderful with Wobbles. We are so happy we adopted her!

“My partner and I met Wobbles after volunteering with Cat World for a week in December. She loved to cuddle but hid under her little bed structure once you put her down. We thought if she had a kitty friend and a home to explore and grow her confidence in, she could work through some of her suspected mobility issues and shyness. We also thought our kitty, (six-year-old) Macy, would love to have a new friend as she is very confident and social.

“She has grown from a very shy, sweet kitten to an outgoing, talkative and affectionate kitty with some hilarious antics. She is getting more and more confident every day and follows our Macy's lead on all things. They have wild chases through the house, slap fights and seem to really enjoy each other. Macy is still working on getting displaced as the ‘only child’ but she has taken on the big sister role graciously and even lets her cuddle up closer and closer to her every day. We are thrilled to see how well they have adjusted to each other in just one month.

New year, new pet?

There are lots of pets still looking for a home to call their own. Why not bring one home to help you tackle whatever 2021 may hold?

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Photos courtesy of Lauren Shimp, Kelly Ramsey and Abby Woodruff

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