Photo essay of the antics of a clever horse

See photos of an intelligent horse who can open latched doors. Gracie the white horse is a very smart girl.
By Ann Hepworth

"What’s this? They locked the hay shed again. Silly humans, they think something as simple as a slide bolt can keep me out?"

Gracie the photo opening a latch
"Just gotta grab that one thingie and lift it …"

White horse opening a latched door
 "... and slide it over thataway."

Horse who successfully opened a door
 "There! I’m in — and in only 8.3 seconds — my personal best."

Smart white horse
 "And while I’m at it, I’m going to take the garbage can holding the hay twine out of the shed and spread the twine all over the place. That will teach them to try to lock me away from my hay."

Gracie is still waiting for her forever home. For more information or to request an adoption application, contact

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