Photogenic cat with FeLV

Lucy, an FeLV-positive feline at the Sanctuary, is super photogenic and loves to be in all the pictures!
By Elizabeth Doyle

You may not think you know Lucy, but you definitely do! Lucy, cat staff recently figured out, has managed to stick her nose into more photographs that weren’t about her than any other cat at the sanctuary!

Feline who is undeniably photogenic

You saw her in Cybella’s birthday photo. It was Cybella the cat’s 20th birthday story, but it was Lucy with her nose in the cake, just in time for the photo. You’ve seen her in countless stories about school groups visiting the sanctuary. "A local school group spent a day at Best Friends and met a number of cats, including … Hey, photographers? Guys? Who’s that cat in the photo that all the kids are petting? I need to know for the caption. Lucy? OK. And what about this one? Lucy again? Now, this one was taken a month ago. It’s a different school group and … Lucy?"


011106lucy collage


Super-friendly cat with feline leukemia

So we’ve decided it’s time she was formally introduced. Lucy is an extremely friendly five-year-old cat who has feline leukemia (FeLV). But she doesn’t know it! In fact, she thinks she’s in perfect health. And there’s a good chance she’ll remain that way for many, many years to come.

She’s friendly and soft, and we can really think of only one explanation for why she sneaks her way into every photograph of every story that has nothing to do with her. She must want a home! She’s trying to be spotted! So, if you might be interested in a camera hog of a cat, please give her a call. You know where to find her: In just about every article, by accident!

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Photos by Troy Snow and Clay Myers

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