Pig who is too smart for her own good

Pig who is way too smart for her own good gets into mischief by eating horse "weight gain" food. She is now doing penance and is on a diet.
By David Dickson

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, as they say. Or in Daphne the pig's case, a three-day period of penance and smaller meals. She's now wishing she'd never, well, pigged out on that horse food! Sometimes, pigs are too smart for their own good. They are amazing at figuring out problems.

Mischievous pig

There's only one real snag. They also have a strong tendency to use their intellect for mischief and mayhem ­ usually involving food in one way or another.

Daphne is an "out pig" from time to time, which means she gets to step outside her fenced area and roam free, hanging out with all the humans. She's normally on pretty good behavior, and it's a lot of fun for her. Plus, you know, all that extra exercise helps her work up an appetite.

Ruining her diet

One day, Daphne was out and about while pig manager Yvonne McIntosh was talking with a group of people. "Hmm ... Mom seems busy enough. What can I get away with this time?" Daphne slipped around a corner and trotted quickly out of sight. Yvonne followed her a short while later and found out what a determined pig can do with a few moments of opportunity.

Daphne had found a bucket of "weight gain" for horses. Yup, horses! This concoction is intended to put pounds on skinny horses. Imagine how many zillion calories must be in stuff like that! Poor Daphne had to skip dinner that night and Dr. Tara put her on reduced portions for three days. All we can say to Daphne as she whines and mopes and complains about the smaller meals is ... we hope those few mouthfuls were worth it! And we love you anyway.

Photos by Gary Kalpakoff

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