Pigs at Work

Spring is here, and the pigs at the sanctuary are running themselves ragged with mischief.
By David Dickson

Spring has sprung! The weather has warmed up at the sanctuary and the pigs at Best Friends are in their element. Anybody looking to till their yard for planting? With the balmy air boosting their spirits, the pigs are rooting and tearing up the ground in record time.

They’d be great to take along on a treasure hunt, for sure. Or perhaps when looking for loose change at the beach. You see, they are dedicated workers, these guys. There aren’t many bugs or worms in the sandy soil at the sanctuary to reward their efforts, and yet they’re determined to keep digging.

Imagine if the pig staff started hiding treats here and there down in the ground. Would the pigs then burn off eight million calories a day trying to find them all? Possibly…

It’s fun to see the animals feeling all feisty again. Sometimes the winter can seem long and tedious, but spring is here to stay. Blossoms are on the trees, the horses have blown their coats, and the pig play areas look as though a rototiller was left running through the night. Maybe that should become the latest landscaping trend? Yards personalized by pigs could be the next big thing.

Photos by Molly Wald