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Dogtown staff help an anxious dog named Knightly regain confidence and maybe a new home.
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Friday, Oct 10, 10 pm ET/PT



Featuring Wycheck, Knightly and Karina













The upcoming episode of "DogTown" features Knightly, a senior Weimaraner who had been living in a loving home. But when his people, who also were elderly, became ill and required daily visits from caregivers, Knightly became confused by the presence of strangers and his people’s inability to take care of him.


Stricken by fear and anxiety, he nipped at somebody and was removed from his home. In the new episode, titled "New Lives," Best Friends animal behavior consultant Sherry Woodard tries to help Knightly regain his self-confidence so he can be adopted.


"DogTown," the hit series on the National Geographic Channel, tells the stories of some of the residents of Dogtown, part of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest no-kill animal facility in the country.


"New Lives," which airs October 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, is the final of five new episodes this fall. But a "DogTown" marathon – featuring all shows from this season and last – is being planned for Christmas Eve.


New episodes are being produced for 2009. Best Friends will have details in upcoming news stories.


Also in "New Lives" is Wycheck, a border collie mix who arrives at Dogtown with a dislocated hip, probably from being hit by a car. Dr. Mike Dix hopes some time on a high-tech underwater treadmill will help Wycheck lose weight, which will help take the stress off his hip.


The episode’s third storyline follows trainer Ann Allums as she works with Karina, an out-of-control stray. Ann tries to teach this exuberant pup to behave and manage her energy.


Best Friends is located on 33,000 acres of southern Utah canyon country. The sanctuary houses hundreds of dogs from all around the country, along with cats, horses, birds, rabbits, and various farm animals – about 2,000 animals at any one time.


Dogtown is often the last hope for dogs requiring specialized or urgent medical attention or for abused and neglected animals. The dogs live in one of 12 lodging facilities, and a staff of more than 60 oversees their every need – including medical attention, training and rehabilitation – in hopes of finding them loving homes.


Story by Best Friends staff



Photos of Sherry Woodard and Knightly (top) and Wychek by Molly Wald


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