Shaky neurological cats stick together

Two neurological kitties who were abandoned find safe haven at Best Friends. They are the best of friends.
By Elizabeth Doyle

What do you do if you’re a trembling, neurological cat without any front claws to help you stick to the ground? Lean on a friend, of course! That’s exactly what Bobby Ray and Samantha Jo are doing. They’re the newest beauties at Best Friends’ TLC Cat Club.

Abandoned special-needs kitties

At one year old, they were dumped on somebody’s doorstep. They were declawed, and walked funny because of their neurological condition. Plus, they had a skin problem that made them scratch all the time. For more than four months, the folks whose house they got dumped at tried to find them a home. But, they told Best Friends, "Every time someone finds out about their condition, they lose interest." Plus, the local shelter considered them unadoptable because of their condition, so leaving them there wasn’t safe.

Cats with motor skill challenges

But Best Friends sees neurological cats all the time who lead great lives and find wonderful homes. The condition requires no special care. The cats simply have poor motor skills, and look funny when they walk. Because someone took off their front claws, these two, especially, slip around everywhere they go! But since they have each other, they have lots of happiness. And both use their litter boxes.

Best Friends agreed to take the siblings, and now these two are snuggling it up at the TLC Cat Club. And they’re very much on the lookout for a good home together!

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Photos by Troy Snow

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