Sheep and goat friends for life

Family adopts a goat to befriend their lonely sheep. The two barnyard animals are now the best of pals.
By Elizabeth Doyle

Loneliness is a thing of the past for Amanda the goat. This lucky gal has just been adopted into a wonderful new home.

Goat and sheep friends

The Berggren family was looking for somebody to befriend their pet sheep. Ross the family sheep is a shy guy. He used to have a goat friend who eventually passed away. And after he lost his buddy, he wouldn’t even let people touch him. He just felt insecure on his own.

Goat adoption

So the Berggrens came to Best Friends looking for a new goat. Amanda seemed like just the right pick with her gentle style and personable ways. So they adopted her!

Amanda, once a stray goat on a highway, was suddenly on her way to family life in Carson City, Nevada. And family life suits her just fine as it turns out! She has children for playmates (that’s Kara and Chris in the photo), and best of all? She’s been the light of Ross the sheep’s life, just as she was asked to be. Now that he has her as a pal, he even eats out of people’s hands! He just feels secure again. And that makes two of them!

Sending a big hug to you and your new loved ones, Amanda!

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