Shelter dog with collapsed lung and cherry eye

Shelter dog in Atlanta with a collapsed lung and cherry eye needs emergency surgery. She receives lifesaving treatment she needs.
By Lorraine Johnston

"Is everything gonna be OK?" This wrinkly, inquisitive face belongs to Frannie, a cute young dog who found herself at the county shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only did she not like being in a cage, she also wasn't feeling very well.

Dog's collapsed lung and cherry eye

Lucky for Frannie, Best Friends' No More Homeless Pets Atlanta swooped in to save the day. It turned out Frannie had a collapsed lung, so she was rushed to the doggie emergency room for surgery. Many days and thousands of dollars later, Frannie was feeling better.

But wait! There's another problem. Frannie has cherry eye, or a swollen third eyelid. The third eyelid serves as added protection to the eye - it's like the windshield wiper on your car, helping to cleanse the eye and create tears.

Surgery needed for dog

Frannie will need surgery to correct her eyes, which will take more money. But don't worry. With help from folks like you, No More Homeless Pets Atlanta will be able to give her all the care she needs for a chance at a long, happy life. In fact, every day No More Homeless Pets Atlanta helps southern belles like Frannie who need a little extra TLC.

No More Homeless Pets Atlanta also works with animal control to help our furry friends who might not catch a family's eye or whose time might soon run out at the shelter. These animals are given a second chance to find new homes.

And with a face like Frannie's, we have no doubt she'll soon steal someone's heart.

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