Special-needs pig surprises caregiver

Special-needs pig with arthritis, who is a bit of a diva and princess, surprises her caregiver while they are out on a walk.
By David Dickson

Britney the pig is going to have a hard time keeping up the damsel in distress routine much longer. She's the arthritic, special-needs pig who currently runs the office at Horse Haven (the horse area at Best Friends).

Diva pig

If you've never met Britney, stop on by sometime. She'll make sure you know who's in charge: Britney is the self-designated toll collector at the front door. She wears barrettes and ribbons in her hair, and has a closet full of clothes from fans and admirers. This wardrobe includes, no kidding, exotic handmade scarves to ward off the cold. Nothing but the best for her.

An adventurous walk with a pig

But it turns out all is not as it seems with Britney. That much is certain in light of recent events. One day the maintenance crew had dug a four-foot-deep and two-foot-wide trench through the horse area in order to fix some plumbing. Pig guru Yvonne McIntosh was taking Britney on her morning walk. After allowing Britney to complete her morning duties, Yvonne started bringing her back a different way. Cuz, see, their normal walking route would have gone straight through the ditch.

When Yvonne tried to mess with the established walking routine, though, Britney decided to drop the fragile old grandma bit. She charged straight ahead. Yes, charged. Remember, now, this is a pig who supposedly has a hard time walking! Yvonne launched herself on Britney, grabbing and pulling as best she could to keep her from plowing headlong into the trench. But Britney was having none of it. Even with Yvonne grabbing her for all she was worth, Britney didn't slow down one teensy bit. And when she did reach the ditch...

When pigs fly ...

You know how so many people in this world have uttered intentions of keeping this, that, or another promise "when pigs fly"? Well, it's time to pay up. Britney jumped up in the air and flew across that ditch, with Yvonne all the while trying to hold her back! Yes, she dragged her caregiver right over. Not bad for a pig who's supposed to be too arthritic to go more than once around the block.

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Photos by Troy Snow