A story of luck and kindness

Three pups who almost perished in the desert find love and happiness at Best Friends.
By Best Friends Animal Society

Trying to make it on your own as a 4-week-old puppy would be hard enough in an outside environment, but the desert? Yikes. Three little pups, no more than a month old, were found in a stretch of southern Utah desert that rarely sees visitors. Not exactly the kind of spot you hang up a "home sweet home" sign and invite friends over for some afternoon lemonade.

Lucky for them, the three puppies in question met up with some folks vacationing in the area. By the time the people had found them, the little pups were in bad shape. They were skinny, dehydrated, full of ticks, scared of their own shadows, and even had burnt feet from the scorching summer desert sun. The little ragtag bunch needed some help, fast!

Turns out there was room at the sanctuary for the puppies, so the people rushed them over to Best Friends for some emergency TLC. At first, the pups took their time warming up to people. And, with all they’d been through, they really looked a mess. Imagine how hard it must have been to find food out there … they were so emaciated a strong wind could knock them over. Among other things, they were given fluids and healthy food right away.

But they’re troopers, these three. Possum, Badger, and Raccoon (named after the wildlife they resemble) bounced back in a hurry. With lots of loving attention and the best possible medical care, they were thriving in no time.

You should see them now! Full of traditional puppy curiosity and mischief, they’re as goofy and friendly as can be. They are still too young for all the shots required before puppy socialization class, but you can already tell they’re going to be superstars. If they can melt hearts (through a fence) of anybody who strolls within visual range, imagine what they can do with a handful of face-to-face puppy kisses!

Thank goodness that some kind-hearted strangers found them! From here on out, the future is looking bright.

Story by David Dickson

Photo by Sarah Ause

Best Friends is constructing a Puppy Care Center to house mother dogs and their puppies, as well as orphans like Possum, Badger and Raccoon. You can help make a difference by donating.

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What could be more fun that seeing the now happy and healthy puppies frolicking?

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