Summer fun at the Sanctuary

Person spraying a pig with a hose
From water to watermelon, check out how some of the animals at the Sanctuary are enjoying their summer.
By Sarah Thornton

When it comes to fun and refreshing summertime activities, it’s not just about dogs in pools here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (though there’s plenty of that). Furry and feathery friends all over the canyon are getting into the summer spirit, enjoying new treats and staying cool. And it’s all very, very cute.

Mud is for the pigs

Poppy the pig sitting in a mud puddle

For the discerning pig, wallowing in the mud is one of the most luxurious options for cooling off. Poppy sure looks like she’s as happy as, well, a pig in mud. It’s great because mud keeps her cooler for even longer than water, and it can help keep the bugs off. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun. Of course, there are pools, too. And Diesel thinks they’re perfectly acceptable.

The back end of Diesel the pig sitting in and on the edge of a blue kiddie pool

Sweet watermelon treat

Corwin the pig eating watermelon

After a nice mud bath, there’s not much that’s better than a sweet, juicy watermelon (no need to slice it up, either). Corwin is having fun getting his whole snout in there. And he’s not going to let a bit of the tasty treat go to waste. Do you think you could beat him in a watermelon eating contest?

Summer showers for pigeons

Two pigeons enjoying the fine spray of a shower

The excitement of a gentle shower has these pigeons rolling around and fluffing up their feathers to catch as much of the refreshing drops as possible. A little sprinkling is great for getting clean, cooling down and goofing off with their favorite friends.

Thinking outside the pool

We said this wasn’t just dogs in pools because they’re also going out to creeks and lakes. When Raquel got the chance to visit the water, she couldn’t wait to dive in, start chasing sticks and then shake off on everyone to make sure they were staying cool, too.

On his trip to the creek, Frankie was able to convince his friends to get in the water with him.

Woman petting Frankie the dog while they're in a creek

Frozen treats for the kitties

Showers and mud and swimming are great for most of the animals at the Sanctuary, but what about the cats? For our not-so-aquatically-inclined friends, caregivers found another solution — freezing catnip and treats in water for a chilly summertime treat. Tammy reports that they’re both tasty and fun to play with — if you don’t mind cold toes.

From splashing and soaking to relaxing with a cooling snack, there’s no shortage of summer fun around here. And there’s no better time than summer for finding new ways of keeping things fun and fresh for the animals.

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Photos by Molly Wald and Rosalie Wind

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